The Cycle of Savannah

One of the greatest perks of being located in the heart of Savannah's historic district is the ability to bike anywhere. Now that summer is in full swing and tour buses are filling the streets of downtown, attempting to drive has the potential to be somewhat of a headache, especially if you're hoping to find a parking spot. Besides, there really is no greater way to take in all of Savannah's beauty than by being up close on a bike, feeling the balmy breeze as you ride. Recently acquiring a beautiful vintage bicycle from England, we soon realized accessories were an absolute must. There's nothing more convenient than having a bike basket to carry your groceries, fresh baguettes, wine, or any other treasures you may find biking around town. It's always important to practice safety, and there's nothing as classic as a good ol' fashioned bell to let others know you're cruising through town. Just in case you find yourself in a mechanical emergency, we have the perfect pocket-sized tool kit for quick, on-the-go repairs. 

Cruise on down to the historic district and enjoy all the beauty Savannah has to offer! See you on the streets!

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