Postcards from Paris: { a m s t e r d a m }

The assuming scent of lingering cannabis is evident. One can’t avoid mentioning it. When asked ;
-Qu'est-ce que tu fais ce week-end?
-Je vais y aller à Amsterdam.
The charm of house boats, bicycles, strolls on cobblestone along canals, tulips, Dutch porcelain, a beautiful Art Deco movie theatre, listening to church bells, chocolate sprinkles between bread for breakfast, the Dutch accent, wooden clogs, windmills, Vincent Van Gogh’s legacy, Anne Frank’s diary, Rembrandt’s masterpieces, and the general spectacle of Amsterdam architecture are dismissed.
Amsterdam has become a favourite destination away from Paris for me. Taking an 8-hour bus ride to spend a few hours in this city is worth it. Throughout the city there are quaint elements of old-world romanticism mixed with stark styles of design and modernity. There are art galeries everywhere with old wooden elaborate detailed doors with windows peering into abstract art. Bicycles are lined up between trees. Houseboats line the canals, and are covered with potted plants and terrace tables are set-up on deck.
A weekend is never enough, and I’m certain will never be.
My intention is to see it under every season, with its lingering scent only a small detail amongst the others.

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