Postcards from Paris:{Marriage Bliss}

A lil' sumthin' sumthin' until the luxury of free, unlimited internet access.

I was exploring the charms of my neighborhood, and got slightly entranced by this couple. This scene: completely worth the crowd and the unexpected heat.


Postcards from Paris:{French for Geranium is Géranium}

I've been gone for too long.
Can absence be blamed on the weather?
Paris has been treating us all nicely. I have to say, upon arriving, I couldn't help but feel a little discouraged and having to still hide away behind layers; sweaters and jackets. Alas, the sun is out and shining its rays, and my poor legs, (I prefer to use the word "fair" opposed to "pale") are finally getting some vitamin D.
OH!...and the flower boxes are full of geraniums! If there is anything more Parisian than a striped shirt and a baguette, it would have to be red geraniums along a cast-iron balcony. It's a punch of boldness, and a rather attractive statement that these blooms make even along the highest levels of typical Neoclassic, Parisian architecture.


Postcards from Paris: The Brocante Scene

Last week, my first Saturday upon returning back to Paris I was dressed in layers, but the sun was out. A friend had discovered a little corner of color near her neighborhood, and wanted to share her discovery with me. Being in a new neighborhood myself, I understand. Solo-exploration can be invigorating, but I find that once that cool-spot is found, immediately I find myself wishing that there was someone around to share it with.
With that, we walked along a hustle and bustle boulevard, then to turn onto a less busy avenue, and around the corner with a greeting from colorful store facades on the rue Ternaux. We dined, and then explored. Surrounding that little neighborhood is brocante after brocante, each holding within themselves discoveries of their own. Each linen, lace doilie, lamp, trinket amongst trinkets had a story to tell; a history of who, when, and where.
And time can be passed so easily just by thinking about each story that comes along with the worned, well-loved treasures.
It's Saturday again, the days so far this week have been shaded by gray clouds and rain, but today the sun shines. I'm off to more discoveries!



Postcards from Paris: An Awaited Welcoming

It may perhaps be a cliche image; that of the Eiffel towel. But I found that as I was surrounded by the people I had left for America, and with this iconic symbol as our backdrop, my awaited welcoming was just right. The days may be cloudy, but I find comfort from the change of vegetation. Flowers are in bloom, and the trees have the freshest shade of green on them. Eating a chevre chaud salade and trying to recall all of the French I had learned, but stored away, it seemed so nice being back. My journey here, however took its toll on me. Not with the slightest bit of exaggeration, my trip was pretty trying. I cannot really claim that I am now 100% at ease, because my new space lacks the convenience of internet. But I must admit, with a sigh of relief, that it feels nice being back.