Postcards from Paris:{French for Geranium is Géranium}

I've been gone for too long.
Can absence be blamed on the weather?
Paris has been treating us all nicely. I have to say, upon arriving, I couldn't help but feel a little discouraged and having to still hide away behind layers; sweaters and jackets. Alas, the sun is out and shining its rays, and my poor legs, (I prefer to use the word "fair" opposed to "pale") are finally getting some vitamin D.
OH!...and the flower boxes are full of geraniums! If there is anything more Parisian than a striped shirt and a baguette, it would have to be red geraniums along a cast-iron balcony. It's a punch of boldness, and a rather attractive statement that these blooms make even along the highest levels of typical Neoclassic, Parisian architecture.

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The Armchair Parisian said...

I adore the window boxes in Paris. I bet they are looking lovely right now...