Weekend Inspiration: Paris Market Baking Mixes

With the weekend coming up & Labor Day right around the corner, we're in the mood to get in the kitchen & do some baking. And thankfully, with our Paris Market baking mixes, it's about as easy as snapping your fingers to whip up some tasty treats. If you're looking to appease your sweet tooth, try the Lemon Lavender or Orange Cinnamon Scones, or the Lemon or Key Lime Squares. If savory is more your pleasing to your palette, then try the Rosemary Garlic Beer Bread, the Herbs de Provence Boule, or the Rustic French Bread. No matter if you go the savory or sweet route, you sure to please some tummies with any one (or all) of these delicious mixes. So what are you waiting for?! Stop by the store soon so you can get in the kitchen & start baking!!


Sneak Peak: Savannah's Fashion Night

Mark your calendars! Next Thursday is the annual Savannah's Fashion Night & just like every year, we couldn't be more excited to be participating. Broughton Street will be completely transformed as it will be closed to vehicular traffic & crowned on each end by two stages, which will feature fashion shows by local retailers & designers, as well as musical performances by local bands & DJs. However, it's not just what's going to be happening on the street that is going to make this night so fun! Here at the Paris Market, we're keeping our doors open until 11PM so you can literally shop till you drop. And we'll have special snacks & refreshments &, of course, a lovely selection of French music playing to keep you going. While we don't want to reveal our store theme just yet, take a look at some of the images we've collected as inspiration below & see if you can guess for yourself! In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to next Thursday!


A Few of Our Favorite Things: Kelia

We would like to welcome Kelia to the Paris Market team as one of our awesome coffee bar baristas! Originally from Colorado, Kelia relocated to Savannah to study photography at SCAD. When she's not busy behind the coffee bar practicing her latte art or out & about in Savannah shooting her fashion photography, she likes to paint, write poetry, flirt with boys, do laundry, cook vegetarian food, drink coffee & fall in love. Kelia always finds a way to make work more fun & she's sure to bring a smile to your face while serving you your favorite beverage or treat. Check out Kelia's store favorites below & be sure to stop by her website to see her photography!

1. Candy Cigarettes | 2. Painting by Kelsey Garrity-Riley | 3. Air Plants | 4. Caffè Breve | 5. Pocket Composition Notebook


This Just In: Great New Greeting Cards

We're all about thoughtful gestures & handwritten correspondence here at The Paris Market so we couldn't be more excited about all of the great new greeting cards lining our shelves! There's nothing greater than opening your mailbox & finding a surprise note from a friend, & we've got cards to send for every occasion. From thank you's to birthdays to congratulations to just saying hi, any of our cards are sure to brighten the day of their recipient. So break out your favorite writing utensil & get ready to send some lovely little notes to all your loved ones! No time like the present!


Currently Inspired: The Color Blue

Although it's Monday, that's not why we're feeling blue. Here at The Paris Market, we love the color blue for its soothing, harmonious effect. Whether we're burning one of our Aquiesse Shoreline soy candles or drinking a nice, warm cup of coffee in one of our blue bisqueware mugs, we can't help but feel calm when blue is in sight. Using our vintage books or linen napkins in shades of blue make great, contrasting pops of color in a room that is otherwise decorated in warmer colors. Be sure to stop by the store soon so you can start feeling blue for all the right reasons.


Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company

We couldn't be more excited to announce that we are now carrying products from Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company in the Paris Market Café. What makes Cacao so unique is that they are a bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer, which means that they process the cocoa beans themselves, in-house, rather than merely melting chocolate from another manufacturer. What's more, they partner with scientists & local growers to achieve the highest quality in ingredients & they uphold hand production methods throughout the entire chocolate-making process. What that all boils down to is that they make REALLY good chocolate. We love their chocolate bars, which are made of 60% dark chocolate & come in flavors ranging from citrus to coffee. But their sea salted chocolate covered caramels, which are sprinkled with four different kinds of salt (including hawaiian pink & cyprus black lava), are our absolute weakness. Undoubtedly the most unique product of theirs is the Salame di Cioccolato, which is based on a traditional Italian confection of chocolate rolled with shortbread & amaretto cookies. Just slice it up & it becomes a delicious hors d'oeuvre for a party or a long lasting tasty treat just for you. Be sure to stop by our café soon so you can see for yourself why we love these chocolates so much!

*Image courtesy of Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company 


French with Isabelle: Allons au Marché!

Lève-toi! Allons au marché! In France, going to "le marché" is a way of life. You wake up early & go into town where the streets are lined with farmers, artisans, & craftsmen selling their goods.  Unlike in America, where it is common to go grocery shopping for the week, in France, the people prefer their food fresh. From bouchers selling cuts of meat to agriculteurs selling fruits & vegetables to boulangers selling an array of baked goods, you can everything that you need to prepare a fresh, hearty meal. If you're looking for more than just food, you can also find artisans selling everything from baskets to soaps to scarves, with the majority of these items being handmade. These French markets are truly a unique experience because they are so much more than just a shopping venue. They are a place where people gather & share stories & make memories with each other. And while we wish we could wake up in France everyday & go to le marché, we are pretty content with our slice of France right here in Savannah, GA. Be sure to stop by the store soon & find a little token of France for yourself.


On the Shelf: Back to School Essentials

Though it may slightly pain us to say it, we're switching gears into back-to-school mode here at the Paris Market. But thankfully with that comes lots of great back-to-school essentials & our shelves are overflowing with them. Looking for a bold, patterned notebook? We've got 'em! How about something more sleek & basic? We've got those too! From notebooks to pencils to pouches to paperclips, we have just about everything you could ever need to get through the school day. Be sure to stop by the store soon & stock up on all your back-to-school needs!


Currently Inspired: Children's Books

With school right around the corner, it's time to start cracking open the books, but here at the Paris Market, we like to keep learning fun. While you won't find any textbooks lining our shelves, we have a great collection of children's books that have the dual benefit of being enjoyable for the little ones, while also being educational. From books full of beautifully illustrated fables to books full of singing games to pop-up books about the circus, we've got something to make every little Paris Marketeer happy!  Be sure to bring the little ones to the store soon to check out our collection & find that book that they just can't wait to crack open.


A Table Tout Le Monde: Backyard Picnic

We can hardly believe that August is already half-way over, but here at the Paris Market we're not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet. We're going to spend time outdoors basking in the warm, late afternoon sun for as long as we can & what better way to do that than setting a table in your backyard or on your back patio & sharing a meal with friends. With this table setting, featuring ceramic bisqueware, handwoven napkins, & handmade wooden napkin holders, you really can't go wrong. And, even better, all the little pops of color help to set the mood for a lovely summer evening. So ring the dinner bell & call everyone to the table because it's time to eat!