This Just In: Kobo Scents

Everyone knows how much we love our scents here at The Paris Market so we couldn't be more excited to introduce this new line of candles by Kobo. One of the things that we love the most about Kobo is that their candles are made of pure sustainable soybeans & utilize cotton wicks, which means that they burn clean & smell great! And speaking of smell, Kobo has some of the most unique scents, which is why it's so hard to pick our favorite. From Yucatán Guava (guava, citrus bouquet, mahogany) to Water Lily Clouds (spring water, heliotrope, white lily) to Violette Noir (saffron, leather, black violet), there's a scent to please every palette. And as an added little bonus, each Kobo candle comes with a set of matches! Make sure to stop by the store soon so you can smell for yourself why we love these candles so much!

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