French with Isabelle: Allons au Marché!

Lève-toi! Allons au marché! In France, going to "le marché" is a way of life. You wake up early & go into town where the streets are lined with farmers, artisans, & craftsmen selling their goods.  Unlike in America, where it is common to go grocery shopping for the week, in France, the people prefer their food fresh. From bouchers selling cuts of meat to agriculteurs selling fruits & vegetables to boulangers selling an array of baked goods, you can everything that you need to prepare a fresh, hearty meal. If you're looking for more than just food, you can also find artisans selling everything from baskets to soaps to scarves, with the majority of these items being handmade. These French markets are truly a unique experience because they are so much more than just a shopping venue. They are a place where people gather & share stories & make memories with each other. And while we wish we could wake up in France everyday & go to le marché, we are pretty content with our slice of France right here in Savannah, GA. Be sure to stop by the store soon & find a little token of France for yourself.

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Laura Quaglia said...

would love some of the lavender ,A great place to shop