This Just In: Caldrea Black Coriander Lime

Caldrea is a bit of a staple here at the Paris Market so we couldn't be more excited to introduce a new a fragrance by them, Black Coriander Lime. Caldrea always creates such unique fragrances & Black Coriander Lime is no exception. "This light midnight scent takes you on a journey. It begins at cool twilight- where dewey ferns & fresh limes gently deepen into more exotic hints of fennel & caraway, koa woods & peppercorn spice." And besides the amazing smells, what we love the most about Caldrea is that their fragrances are safe- not only for you & your home, but for mother earth! Be sure to stop by the store soon to sample Black Coriander Lime, as well as the rest of our Caldrea fragrances.

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