A Few of Our Favorite Things: Kelia

We would like to welcome Kelia to the Paris Market team as one of our awesome coffee bar baristas! Originally from Colorado, Kelia relocated to Savannah to study photography at SCAD. When she's not busy behind the coffee bar practicing her latte art or out & about in Savannah shooting her fashion photography, she likes to paint, write poetry, flirt with boys, do laundry, cook vegetarian food, drink coffee & fall in love. Kelia always finds a way to make work more fun & she's sure to bring a smile to your face while serving you your favorite beverage or treat. Check out Kelia's store favorites below & be sure to stop by her website to see her photography!

1. Candy Cigarettes | 2. Painting by Kelsey Garrity-Riley | 3. Air Plants | 4. Caffè Breve | 5. Pocket Composition Notebook

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