Daily Inspiration: Parlore

Nowadays, Interior Designers need all the resources they can get. Satisfying a client's demands requires more effort now than ever before. However, with the help of Parlore, the business of interior design can finally be streamlined! Parlore, is a personalized iOS app that helps design professionals work smarter and manage projects from concept to install. Launching Fall 2014, Parlore is a one-stop designer-only resource, their marketplace provides a seamless channel from inspiration to purchase by connecting interior professionals to manufacturers, makers, artisans and workrooms. Their mission is simple: to support interior designers so they can focus on what they love. Made for designers by designers, Parlore has been carefully tailored to aid in every aspect of the creative process while simplifying the business of project completion. Parlore is a community driven by the desire to build meaningful relationships between designers, clients, and manufacturers. For folks like us, who obsess over the details of interiors on a daily basis, an app like this is a dream come true. If only Fall would hurry up and get here already!

*Photos courtesy of parlore.com


Curious Collection: The Vintage Scout

This past week has been full of endless great finds, particularly vintage finds. It never ceases to amaze us how many beautiful and inspiring pieces of history are still waiting to be discovered. Our recent favorites having been taking the shape of ledgers, leather bags, German schoolbooks, vintage science equipment and natural curiosities. Indirectly, our latest collection of unearthed vintage goods all seem to possess somewhat of scout theme to them, reminiscent of long day spent surveying the great outdoors in search of new discoveries and knowledge. All of which excites us to pack a bag and begin a new adventure. Stop by soon and see more of our latest finds!


Apartment Feature on Design Sponge: Kelsey & Erik Riley

Over the years, Design Sponge's blog has become an integral part of our day. Kelsey and I look forward to reading it every morning as we wake up and savor our first cup of coffee. Separate of enjoying Design Sponge on a personal level, as the blogger for The Paris Market, I've looked to the work they do as a constant source of inspiration and guidance for how to capture the importance and beauty of design, interior spaces, products, aesthetics and creativity. Working at a store like The Paris Market, you quickly learn how to appreciate good design, quality and anything with a story. So much of what Kelsey and I do at work has made its way into our home in some form or another and over the years, our apartment has become a direct reflection of our travels, lifestyle, interests and workplace. As we're nearing the end of our time in Savannah and The Paris Market - two places we care so much about - a home feature in Design Sponge feels like the perfect end to this chapter in our lives. We couldn't feel more honored and happy to share our home with Design Sponge, The Paris Market and you. Enjoy a few photos from yesterday's feature below and check out the full post on Design Sponge!  


Candle of the Week: Frolic by Austin Press

Inspired by a collection of rare books and alphabets, Austin Press offers a rich assortment of ready-to-write and custom tailored note cards. Located in the historic shipyard of San Francisco, Kimberly Austin creates beautifully crafted ephemera on her vintage presses. We're pretty much in love with anything Austin Press creates. Every single one of their products contains a wealth of old-world charm and beauty and we can't ever seem to get enough! Lately, we've been especially fond of their Frolic candle. Hints of Rosemary, Bergamot and Lavender transport you directly into a summer meadow, where frolicking is the only activity that makes sense. Join us in our frolic and enjoy all of the intoxicating scents of Austin Press in store!


A Few of our Favorite Things: Margot

We would like to welcome Margot to the Paris Market team! Originally from New Jersey, Margot transplanted to Savannah to pursue her love of Production Design at SCAD. When she's not busy attending class or working at the store, Margot enjoys riding bikes through the cobble-stoned streets of Savannah, lounging on the beach on Tybee Island and reading as many non-fiction books as she can. Her fun-loving spirit and enthusiasm make Margot a joy to work with and we're excited to have her on the team! Be sure to check out her favorite things below and give Margot a warm welcome next time you see her!

1. Dried Phylica Flowers | 2. One Canoe Two Happy Birthday Card | 3. Linen Scarf | 4. Vegetable Rattle   5. Matt & Nat Vegan Handbag | 6. Caldrea Lavender Pine Hand Soap | 7. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm


Curious Collection: Air Plants

Air plants have been a favorite product of ours for as long as we've carried them. Their wonderfully unique shapes and easy care make them a standard to have around the house or office. All they require is a light misting with water once a week and they're good to go! They're the perfect solution for folks like us with busy schedules who love keeping natural florals and plant life in our homes. If you're not already obsessed with this species of plant life, then you need to stop by soon and check out how cool these little plants are! Take it from us, once you start collecting you won't be able to stop!

Available at The Paris Market.


Summer School Essentials

No child wants to be stuck having to attend summer school. When all of your friends are outside having fun, being trapped inside a classroom is about as bad as it gets! But, there is always room to make learning a more fun and rewarding experience and here at The Paris Market, we're all about having fun! Spinning tops, books of fables, vintage globes and kazoos, are here to make class worth attending. Just because school is in session doesn't mean you can't make it interesting!

Stop by today for all of your summer school essentials!


On the Shelf: Colorful Notebooks for Summer

We're total suckers for all things stationary and paper goods related. Nothing gets us excited like cracking open a fresh notebook to pour our ideas into. Nowadays, we've reached the point where we have a separate notebook for everything! We know we're not the only ones out there who feel similarly, so we've been making sure to take care of all of us stationary lovers by stocking our shelves with some quality paper goods. Pocket notebooks, sharp pencils, address books, cards and sketchpads, all available in a spectrum of colorfully adorned covers, what more could a lover of stationary want?

Stop by soon and keep your ideas and pen flowing with our new collection of paper goods!


Currently Inspired: Mad Scientist's Lab

The past couple of days we've begun displaying some of our exciting new finds. Our shelves have been filling up with a myriad of beakers, flasks and various other vintage finds that it feels like it's about time we put our mad-scientist lab coats back on! We don't have any experiments planned anytime soon, but we are excited to transform our cabinet into a laboratory-inspired display, filled with intriguing objects and the intoxicating scents of The Archivist candles. Stop by soon and see the rest of our exciting new finds in store!


Weekend Inspiration: Vintage Silver

It's Friday! As usual, we're looking for some weekend inspiration to keep us busy for the next couple of days. Knowing us, it should come as no surprise that we're immediately drawn to one of our vintage collections. Although we don't consider ourselves the fancy type per se, our assortment of vintage silver is making us want to host a dinner party like no other! Napkin rings, tea strainers, flasks and flatware as far as the eye can see, it's clear that we are in vintage silver heaven! And this weekend, we're going to put it to some good use! See the entire collection in store and have a happy weekend!  


On the Shelf: FOUND Jewelry

Summer is the season to accessorize and we've been doing plenty of it with the arrival of our new collections of jewelry and accessories. Lately, we've been especially head over heels for our brand new assortment of Erica Wilson's FOUND Jewelry. Seamlessly blending natural objects with vintage finds, Erica combines our favorite elements into a collection of wearable art that we have fallen in love with! Subtle, beautiful and original, each piece of jewelry possesses its own history and character that makes her collection feel like artifacts found on an epic journey. It's the sort of thing we dream about, and needless to say FOUND Jewelry is easily on the top of our list of this summer's must-have accessories! Stop by and see the entire collection in store!