Apartment Feature on Design Sponge: Kelsey & Erik Riley

Over the years, Design Sponge's blog has become an integral part of our day. Kelsey and I look forward to reading it every morning as we wake up and savor our first cup of coffee. Separate of enjoying Design Sponge on a personal level, as the blogger for The Paris Market, I've looked to the work they do as a constant source of inspiration and guidance for how to capture the importance and beauty of design, interior spaces, products, aesthetics and creativity. Working at a store like The Paris Market, you quickly learn how to appreciate good design, quality and anything with a story. So much of what Kelsey and I do at work has made its way into our home in some form or another and over the years, our apartment has become a direct reflection of our travels, lifestyle, interests and workplace. As we're nearing the end of our time in Savannah and The Paris Market - two places we care so much about - a home feature in Design Sponge feels like the perfect end to this chapter in our lives. We couldn't feel more honored and happy to share our home with Design Sponge, The Paris Market and you. Enjoy a few photos from yesterday's feature below and check out the full post on Design Sponge!  

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