On the Shelf: The Scent of Summer

So far, this summer has been an adventure already. Filled with exciting travels, new experiences and precious moments, we've begun our summer the way we love most! Lately we've been thinking how there are certain scents that have the ability to capture the essence of a time and place. For one reason or another, these scents have the capabilities to trigger our memories in a way that none other of our senses can. This phenomenon has been ringing true with the captivating scents of our Blithe and Bonny products. Whether it's Jasmine, Rose, Eucalyptus Mint or Orange Blossom, these soothing bath and body products have already managed to capture this summer's essence. Available in bar soap, travel candles, bubble bath and more, these summer scents are keeping us inspired while we get ready for the next adventure!

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