A Fancy Fall Gathering

Continuing with our Autumn themed tablescapes, this week we've lined the table in preparation for another early Fall gathering. Setting the table for a fancier evening than last week, we've utilized our favorite silver and glassware. To keep the atmosphere from feeling unapproachable we incorporated a lot of natural color and texture throughout the display to provide a more calming and accessible environment. Adding dried flowers and wooden mushrooms within perpetuates the Autumn motif and brings a refreshingly natural element to the tabletop as one enjoys their meal. With the arrival of Fall and  the weather we've been enjoying lately, whether it be a fancy or casual evening, resisting to drag the table outside for a fall gathering every night is becoming increasingly more and more difficult.


Weekend Inspiration: From the Boudoir

The weekend is almost here, which means we're gearing up for some inspiration to keep the next two days filled with fun and excitement. This weekend we're focused on making sure our bathroom is stocked with our favorite toiletries. Inspired by the subtle scents of our fresh soaps and the soothing qualities of our various lip balms, our Boudoir shop is stocked full with beauty products that make you feel as wonderful as the products themselves. Next time you're looking to add some freshness to your own boudoir, you know where to shop!


A Fall Gathering

With the weather we've been having lately in Savannah, there's no hiding the fact that Fall is upon us. Waking up to rainy, overcast days can be tiresome, which is all the more reason why spending time with close friends and family is a must. One of our favorite ways to get everyone to gather around is a good old fashioned feast and with our most recent display, we've set the table for such an occasion. To keep our Autumn theme consistent we utilized warm earth tones throughout the table intermixed with subtle pops of red and green. The place settings remain somewhat simple as to keep the focus on the company gathered around the table. Utilizing Santa Rosa church candles with feathers and dried flowers as a centerpiece the table blends seamlessly into the atmosphere of a late fall evening. What else could one want than to share an evening with friends and family, keeping warm and eating well long into the evening? Bon Appetit!


Postcards from Paris: { London mania à Paris }

Once again Fashion week is rolling around, and the windows at Printemps are emphasizing the London life. It seems to actually be a common theme throughout the city. Overhearing Brits on the Paris rues makes me question, " are we in london?" After seeing the window display I questioned even more. I have an overwheming craving for scones and crumpets and tea and Prince William and Kate Middleton. It's a nice balance to have the Brits in town with their wild sense of fashion mixed amoungst the french chic sense of self.


This Just In: Notebooks to write home about

Freshly stocked on the shelves, our new notebooks are something to write home about! Whether you like lined, blank or graph pages, ornate or simple cover designs, pocket or letter sized, we've got something for everyone. A multitude of fun and eclectic covers to choose from, our collection of notebooks are just waiting to be personalized with scribbles and notes documenting your very own history. Stop by soon!

Available at The Paris Market.


Wool Hats: The Autumn Accessory

What better accessory to kick off the autumn season than a quality wool hat? Now that Sunday has declared it officially fall, we've got our eyes set on stylish ways to keep our heads warm. With a plethora of colors and styles to choose from, it's hard to stop ourselves from wanting to purchase everything in stock. From classic fedoras to wool baseball caps, these fashionable accessories offer something for everyone and will undoubtedly be adorning the heads of all of us at the store. If you're looking for the next thing to add to your wardrobe or something to simply keep your head warm, you know where to stop!

Available at The Paris Market.


Weekend Inspiration: Bar essentials

At the end of a long week relaxing is an absolute must and what better way to kick off the weekend than an after work cocktail? With so many stylish accessories available these days, it's hard not to want to install a bar in your own house. From our forged iron bottle openers to our horn spoons, shot glasses to flasks, nutcrackers to corkscrews, playing barkeep has never seemed like so much. Even if happy hour doesn't intrigue you, our bar accessories are nevertheless just as inspiring as objects of interest as they are tools. This weekend, whether you're unwinding with a beverage in your favorite armchair, or just looking to add a little bit of interest to the homestead, our bar accessories will undoubtedly continue to inspire. Have a great weekend!


Postcards from Paris: { Cannibale Café }

In Paris, a good cafe is always in the back of my mind when I think of where to pass a free moment. As I prepare for new events in my life, I’ve been returning back to Belleville to collaborate on a special dress.
In between Oberkampf and Belleville is the rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud. Lining the street there is nothing short of cool cafes and restaurants that stay uncrossed off on my list because I keep returning to Cannibale Café. The atmosphere is cool and calm. One orders at the bar and can sit long after one’s drink has been consumed, taking advantage of their exuberantly high-speed wifi. They offer a nice selection of tea from Mariage Frères, and the best part is that one can easily pass the morning with un petit-dejeuner and transition nicely into a delicious French dejeuner. If time allows the happy passerby to spend an extended free moment at the Cannibale Café, the night-life livens up on rue Jean-Pierre and the café hosts DJs from all over. The look has an old-french vibe, and the scene is cool and comfortable all day long.



Juniper Ridge

Fragrance from real plants, bark , moss, mushrooms and other things found hiking the backcountry. An aromatic snapshot of life on the trail. -Juniper Ridge

Bars of soap, cabin spray, bottles of trail crew soap and backpackers cologne are just a few products available from the outdoorsy line known as Juniper Ridge. We were instantly drawn to their natural scents, but it's their process that sold us. Just as their souvenir folder states, they go to the mountains, harvest wild plants and then they distill natural fragrances right on the spot. As the Ridge crew admits, "We're not perfumers, we're hikers, and we make fragrance from the places we love". Juniper Ridge was founded in December of 1998 at the Berkeley Farmers Market by avid hiker, mushroom forager and all around nature freak Hall Newbegin. 

According to Hall, Juniper Ridge was founded on a very simple idea – I wanted to make fragrances that smelled like the outdoors, like the real places that I knew and loved as a hiker. Nothing smells better than taking a hike in the Bay Laurel and Oak woodlands of Mt. Tamalpais, the sage covered mountains of the Big Sur or the Timberline Trail on Mt. Hood in the height of wildflower summer. The subtle aromas you pick up when you’re on the trail are so incredibly evocative– they sink in deep and rearrange your insides and take you away to the stillness of the outdoors. Smell is the oldest of our five senses - it was with us 65 million years ago when we were just rodents crawling around on the forest floor and, being the oldest of our senses, bypasses reason and goes straight to our emotions. But most folks don’t even understand the beauty of real fragrance because all we’ve known for the past 60 years is a cruddy, petrochemical shadow of the real thing."

Just sample one of their scents and right off the bat you know these folks are the real deal! Stop by the store soon and try out some of these new fragrances, you'll be whisked away into the mountains without having to step a foot out of downtown Savannah!

Available at The Paris Market.


Postcards from Paris: { night scenes }

Night walks in Paris sometimes feel as though the city is exclusively yours. The great monumental scenes of the city are left lit, lacking the tourism that hits heavy in daylight. I made an unexpected tour the other evening searching for something. Perhaps for some sort if counsel in my personal life, perhaps it was a search for inspiration and motivation, but aimless strolls solve more than one can imagine. For some it may be a drive with the windows down and music playing, but for me seeing the glass pyramid lit up at the Louvre, or seeing the gold statues on the magnificent opera shine brighter than ever, and at the place de vendome, how it stands tall amongst the glamorous boutiques these scenes  bring about a comfort that even once the sun sets the city still shines. We go through times when all we need to comfort us is a source of light after the sun has set.


Back to School

As of today, SCAD is officially back in full swing! The first classes of the Fall quarter began this morning and already the city of Savannah seems to have regained its energy from the calmer, more quiet months of Summer. As the life of a student goes, the back to school regime undoubtedly requires a few necessities. Whether you're in need of a notebook to keep track of your crazy schedule, candles to freshen up your homestead, a clock to keep track of when to go to bed or a mug to fill with coffee, you can rest assure all the essentials can be found here at The Paris Market. Your dorm room will be the most stylish one this year!


Weekend Inspiration: Jewels

Savannah's Fashion Night may already be a week behind us, but we're still hooked on jewels! The variety found within our collection and the uniqueness of each piece only continues to inspire us more. With so many different shapes and sizes available, the possibilities for creating interesting jewelry pieces are truly endless. Although we love our more colorful jewels, this weekend we're inspired by the subtle beauty found in these simpler pieces. If you're looking to make a necklace, a set of earrings, a brooch, or anything else, these pieces will surely help you create something beautiful!


Postcards from Paris: { c a m e r a r o l l }

 When I go on my strolls throughout Paris I click away at potential shots hoping to somehow find a theme to connect each of them. Often I set out with a purpose, but there are some occasions where I like to take my time and see what there is to discover. These 'discover shots' stand alone and don't necessary convey much other than moment wanting to be captured. They shine a different light on Paris; scenes that are less romantic, but more amusing. Lacking decadence, but highlighting charms. They are randomly stumbled upon, and found hidden throughout the stereotypical scenes of Parisian life.