A Fall Gathering

With the weather we've been having lately in Savannah, there's no hiding the fact that Fall is upon us. Waking up to rainy, overcast days can be tiresome, which is all the more reason why spending time with close friends and family is a must. One of our favorite ways to get everyone to gather around is a good old fashioned feast and with our most recent display, we've set the table for such an occasion. To keep our Autumn theme consistent we utilized warm earth tones throughout the table intermixed with subtle pops of red and green. The place settings remain somewhat simple as to keep the focus on the company gathered around the table. Utilizing Santa Rosa church candles with feathers and dried flowers as a centerpiece the table blends seamlessly into the atmosphere of a late fall evening. What else could one want than to share an evening with friends and family, keeping warm and eating well long into the evening? Bon Appetit!

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