Postcards from Paris: {les habitants du village}

Often I remark negatively on routine, but on the other hand routine can be reminder of the secure things in our lives. Waking up with the sun pouring in through my glass ceiling has been something extraordinary these past couple of days, and I’ve made it my routine to visit the neighbourhood boulangerie to pick up something for my petit dejeuner. Since everyone is back from holiday and la rentrée has truly begun, everyone seems to be motivated by the new start of things.
I live in a little village of sorts, Villa des Ternes. It’s true that throughout Paris each quartier is somewhat like a village, but my little quartier is a smorgasbord of sorts when it comes to the architecture. Some buildings follow similarly to the Haussmann-style, but most differ and are unique assortments. There is a beautiful art nouveau-esque building with floral features and mosaic details on the building’s façade. Then a few doors down something that resembles more Art Deco, bold details and gold embellishments. On my little row of residences are brick A-frame ateliers. Once used as artists’ studios, the light pours in all hours of the day. Next door to me lives a painter named Babu. She offers me gateau that she’s baked and pineapple juice. A door next to her resides a pianist, and next to him an architect. It’s been amusing seeing who is up with the sun carrying their baguette as the start of their routine.


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