Postcards from Paris: { night scenes }

Night walks in Paris sometimes feel as though the city is exclusively yours. The great monumental scenes of the city are left lit, lacking the tourism that hits heavy in daylight. I made an unexpected tour the other evening searching for something. Perhaps for some sort if counsel in my personal life, perhaps it was a search for inspiration and motivation, but aimless strolls solve more than one can imagine. For some it may be a drive with the windows down and music playing, but for me seeing the glass pyramid lit up at the Louvre, or seeing the gold statues on the magnificent opera shine brighter than ever, and at the place de vendome, how it stands tall amongst the glamorous boutiques these scenes  bring about a comfort that even once the sun sets the city still shines. We go through times when all we need to comfort us is a source of light after the sun has set.

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