Postcards from Paris: { Cannibale Café }

In Paris, a good cafe is always in the back of my mind when I think of where to pass a free moment. As I prepare for new events in my life, I’ve been returning back to Belleville to collaborate on a special dress.
In between Oberkampf and Belleville is the rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud. Lining the street there is nothing short of cool cafes and restaurants that stay uncrossed off on my list because I keep returning to Cannibale Café. The atmosphere is cool and calm. One orders at the bar and can sit long after one’s drink has been consumed, taking advantage of their exuberantly high-speed wifi. They offer a nice selection of tea from Mariage Frères, and the best part is that one can easily pass the morning with un petit-dejeuner and transition nicely into a delicious French dejeuner. If time allows the happy passerby to spend an extended free moment at the Cannibale Café, the night-life livens up on rue Jean-Pierre and the café hosts DJs from all over. The look has an old-french vibe, and the scene is cool and comfortable all day long.


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