Happy Labor Day!

For many of us today marks the official end of summer. With trips to the beach and evening cookouts soon to be behind us, it's difficult not to feel a bit nostalgic. Fortunately, today is Labor Day, which for some means a one last go at the carefree attitude of summer living. A good day to sleep in, a good day to take a trip and a great day to go shopping, Labor Day is the perfect holiday to do everything or nothing at all. In many ways, Labor Day marks the end of one thing and the beginning of another. It means the end of summer, but it also signifies change. It means the beginning of a new season, filled with fresh ideas, new attitudes, different adventures. and the excitement of the oncoming holidays. In honor of today's holiday, we've rounded up a few products we thought would help you relax and enjoy your Labor Day. Whether you're staying in and catching up on your favorite television series, having a cocktail party or venturing out to shop, we've got just what you need to celebrate the right way and the Paris Market way. Happy Labor Day!

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