Postcards from Paris: {un tour avec Jules Verne}

In Parc Monceau along with pony rides, les balançoires, cotton candy, balloons, an English garden and a duck and swan-filled lake there is a carrousel that begins turning at 11am. Melodies from Yves Montand about the charming Parisian life turn around with it. During the set-up, I sat on a bench along with a group of anxious children. We observed how the carrousel controllers swept and polished up the horses, and submarine. The curious submarine that is grouped amongst the other animals comes from the wild imagination of Jules Verne.
Although he was admired by the French Avant-Garde and several well-known surrealists referenced his work, he is often categorized with children’s fantasy. The idea of exploration often begins at an early age, and what better way to keep his fantasy filled stories alive than by introducing his world to children. Depicted on all the panels of the carrousel are scenes from his various novels. Either exploring the sea or around the world, the notion of a tour with Jules Verne strikes up one’s imagination and lends an idea for some explorative reading.

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