Juniper Ridge

Fragrance from real plants, bark , moss, mushrooms and other things found hiking the backcountry. An aromatic snapshot of life on the trail. -Juniper Ridge

Bars of soap, cabin spray, bottles of trail crew soap and backpackers cologne are just a few products available from the outdoorsy line known as Juniper Ridge. We were instantly drawn to their natural scents, but it's their process that sold us. Just as their souvenir folder states, they go to the mountains, harvest wild plants and then they distill natural fragrances right on the spot. As the Ridge crew admits, "We're not perfumers, we're hikers, and we make fragrance from the places we love". Juniper Ridge was founded in December of 1998 at the Berkeley Farmers Market by avid hiker, mushroom forager and all around nature freak Hall Newbegin. 

According to Hall, Juniper Ridge was founded on a very simple idea – I wanted to make fragrances that smelled like the outdoors, like the real places that I knew and loved as a hiker. Nothing smells better than taking a hike in the Bay Laurel and Oak woodlands of Mt. Tamalpais, the sage covered mountains of the Big Sur or the Timberline Trail on Mt. Hood in the height of wildflower summer. The subtle aromas you pick up when you’re on the trail are so incredibly evocative– they sink in deep and rearrange your insides and take you away to the stillness of the outdoors. Smell is the oldest of our five senses - it was with us 65 million years ago when we were just rodents crawling around on the forest floor and, being the oldest of our senses, bypasses reason and goes straight to our emotions. But most folks don’t even understand the beauty of real fragrance because all we’ve known for the past 60 years is a cruddy, petrochemical shadow of the real thing."

Just sample one of their scents and right off the bat you know these folks are the real deal! Stop by the store soon and try out some of these new fragrances, you'll be whisked away into the mountains without having to step a foot out of downtown Savannah!

Available at The Paris Market.

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