New Windows: A cozy place

Who tells the little dear mouse
when summer goes away
that she should fix a cozy place, 
a comfy place to stay, 
and fill her cupboard shelves with seeds
from berries, weeds, and hay?
from Dear Mouse by Aileen Fisher


It was a race against time and pesky colds, but the new windows are up and looking spectacular. Kelsey and Shelby always do such a great job and this window is especially endearing. Shelby created the papier-mâché pumpkin house and Kelsey made all those cute little critters to live in it. Come by and take a look!

Things are really starting to heat up. Holiday time is officially here -after Halloween there's no fighting it - and in addition to a daily dose of new arrivals to be unboxed, fawned over and then put out on the floor, there are also more projects beginning just about everyday. I don't have any specific projects going on right now, so my plan is to make a "stay well" kit to keep by my desk for everyone. You know, like Airborne, Vitamin C, Green Tea, tissues, etc. Everyone is already swatting away colds to stay in the game, so I gotta keep the team en bonne sante. Any suggestions for the kit?


Absorbing the Design World (ALL of it) of Grace Bonney

So a bunch of us Paris Market girls headed down to Arnold Hall (SCAD) last night to hear Grace Bonney - creator of DesignSponge - speak about the evolution of her blog and how it was borne out of an interest in all the cool, craft-oriented, grass roots design going on, specifically in her neighborhood, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and the fact that nobody was talking about it. Seeking to fill the void, Grace Bonney picked up the slack and started reporting her observations on her blog  *Design Sponge *  In part, it was a rejection of high end design, with furniture pieces costing in the thousands, but mostly it was an embrace of design that was not only more economically realistic, but cooler, more interesting and craft oriented. Pieces that showed a little risk-taking behind it, or humor, interesting materials or were just plain out of the ordinary. Whether they were being created in shops or studios, on dining room tables or in basements, Grace Bonney was inspired by it and wanted to share her findings.
I can only imagine that when she first started, she was an even more important voice in the conversation, when left of center design was happening, yet going by and large unacknowledged; when perhaps at that time even the design community didn't know how far they extended, let alone those outside art/design worlds who may not have been hip to what was happening. Pages from the book:

The biggest thing that stuck with me, was that it was her keen interest in filling the void in this burgeoning DIY community, from which DesignSponge grew, which ultimately translated into filling a greater void in the design community. I like when new things grow out of seeing a need. That is the best design. When just a little spark of "Hey, how come nobody know about this" grows into a full on fire of idea sharing. Grace Bonney was wanted to get the word out, and she did. She wanted to provide resources for newbies, and she did. She wanted to foster talent, and she does - with a scholarship with no strings attached. This woman's energy/ideas/talent is exhaustive and so is her blog, so if you don't know about Design Sponge, please go take a look! ---> HERE Look how cute these illustrations are for her categories! And below another pic from her blog:

My favorited part of the lecture was when she said that she was definitely not inspired by ICCF (me neither) and was instead looking to student shows of Pratt, SVA and Parsons in NYC and also RISDE and SCAD for their fresh approaches. 
For those of you who feel like you've been hopscotching around on your career path, and are feeling unanchored (fret not, I honestly think those make for the most interesting, ground-breaking, idea-pushing people), before DesignSponge she was a lover of Phish, worked at a record label and studied journalism at NYU, before working in PR. She kept following her interests, and they blossomed into something bigger - not that she had a plan or was searching for fortune and fame - she just kept feeding her appetite for interesting design, she followed up on everything that inspired her and chased her curiosities. Bravo Grace! Thank you and Congratulations on a wonderful book!


Take Two: A Page from Casual Living

If you're taking a page from Judith Wilson's book, Casual Living, (which we have for sale) then take a look at what we have here at Paris Market! ---and create some casual, joyful comfort in your home...

top, l-r: Saffron Handstitched Coverlet from India, Moroccan pillow, Faux-silk pillow
bottom. l-r: Indigo Blue Handstitched Coverlet from India, Deer Jewelry Holder, Metal Trunk
center image: Ryland Peters & Small


New Aprons!

We just got in these fancy new aprons in great colors. It's a Sunshine meets Coral kind of palette. They're a linen-cotton blend and will stand up to whatever you throw at it in the kitchen. You can get one for the chef in your life, or drop a hint to someone who isn't. haha. <---this happens to me all the time. The first year I was married it was aprons and cookbooks from both families. I tried being the hostess with the mostest, but it just didn't take. These are pretty though - I could give it another go with these...

They will be up on the website by next week!


Beautiful Objects: the Handmade Tops of Collin Garrity.

Check these out. Are they beautiful or what?

Collin Garrity makes these gorgeous tops entirely by hand. You may know that name from his sister Kelsey Garrity-Riley, the Paris Marketeer who is also an illustrator and paints and makes dolls. Collin, currently a student at Warren Wilson College, creates these beautiful little things using wood found in the scrap pile as well as Maple and Rosewood harvested at the college.
I thought these were too small to possibly be made on a lathe, but yes! they are in fact made on a lathe ---very carefully. "I probably broke about half of the ones I had when I first started." he says. Collin starts by gluing several different woods together, cutting them to a rough size, and then pulling the forms out on the lathe. Several grades of sand paper get them smooth, and a high friction finish gives them just that little bit of shine.
So I got to play with these tops when I took the pictures, you know, just to see if they work and all -they do and they spin perfectly. The thing I love about beautifully proportioned objects, other than the fact that they're nice to look at, is that the form itself tends to evoke many different things at once. When they're all lined up they look like ballet dancers ready to take their turn dancing in the center, and when they battle each other out and are starting to come down, they look like little break dancers, and other times they resemble musical instruments or little mushrooms. They really have their own presence and personality.
They are drop-dead beautiful objects and industrial designer inside me is sighing. Seriously. I had a friend in design school who during critiques if someone just blew everyone out of the water we would look at each other and say "I am the Walrus" like from the Beatles song as if to say "This person is the walrus and hath destroyed us all." haha. Can you imagine showing up at Form Studies or whatever and this guy is in your class! Egads! He'd totally ruin the curve!
 (these remind me of pointed toes)
These will be available at the store soon, and hopefully the website. Check out Collin's other artisticness (writings, ramblings, musings and general hi-jinks) at the The Pale Blue Atlas Club -fresh entry today! (also recommended)


Tablescapes: Harvest Fire / Halloween

 {:::: Tablescapes ::::}

The chandeliers are lit, the table is set, and the bones are hanging from cobwebs.
We're ready for Halloween!!!


Accoutrements pour l'écrivain

Loving these luscious leather folios that just came in!
They are gorgeous, and there are two large slots - so you can carry your iPad, AND a good old fashioned fresh pad of paper! (or whatever you want) I want one of these so bad! Definitely going on my Christmas List.
I have so many notebooks getting all grimey and worked over in the daily ruffle-shuffle of my bag - my old fashioned planner from the Met, my notebook for the store where I scribble down quick notes and things that need doing. Then there's all the random biz cards and post cards I pick up for various events and openings going on around town. There's a space for all of that in here and it all zips up! I would probably just keep it to strictly writing and maybe some sketching. It'd be great to have a nice little space dedicated to my writing on the go, and I would be reminded that my work is important and my efforts deserve something classy.
The white is really quite classic, (kind of Audrey Hepburnish) as is the black. You can't go wrong with black. But being a Leo, I would opt for the glittery gold. (did you get that family?) Getting a nice folio like this for the writer friend in your life will make them feel better about not making any money and elevate their energy to that of their craft. I do recommend them, I do, I do, I do.


Jewelry Bar: Inside the Collection

We have a great new jewelry bar in the store!

...Jewelry that celebrates spirit, nature, service and love. Earthy, spirited talismans that celebrate the animus/archetypes of our collective minds and shared civilizations are always a bit more fun than your standard beads on a string. This collection is designed by a family from California - A mother and her two children. who in their own words:  
"We decided to develop a brand based on ideals rooted in unique designs, community service and the love of nature. We seek to create only the highest quality jewelry and clothing – employing American workers and using ethically sourced materials."
With each sale, a portion of their proceeds support a rotating roster of charities - some of which have been The Salvation Army, Action Aid and Doctors without Borders.
What I love about this jewelry is that you can pick out what charms you like and leave what you don't. The necklace strands are wire wrapped pearls that come in a multitude of colors and the charms slide over them easily. The collection has a sort of nouveau hippie feel to it. But of course it's all how you wear it. You could keep it simple and choose just one charm or load up on magic with a cluster of them. They also make nice gifts when you find a piece that symbolizes your friendship with someone special, memorializes an event or when it represents a wish you might have for another. There are some unexpected charms in here too, it's not just the standard heart and crown and key kind of thing. There is a griffin, a sand dollar, a Shiva, a tree of life, a coiled snake, a claw, a butterfly medallion and a Seraphina to name a few. There is really something for everyone, so come take a look before its slim pickings. And all the charms are made from White Bronze, a metal stronger than silver that won't tarnish and which has been used for thousands of years to make both swords and jewelry! How appropos for this line! Hooray!
Wishes for a charmed life as we head into the weekend!


Tablescapes: Earthy Neutrals

{::::: Tablescapes :::::}

Makes me crave a gorgeously huge dining room table. And I love the gold chargers.
p.s. that little green rectangle represents the succulents on the table. They're just a punch, but I think they're a nice, fresh counterpoint.


The World of John Derian

John Derian is a world unto himself, but right now we have a big piece of that world - just arrived is a fresh batch from the découpage master himself. While they're usually in the case upstairs, we have so much that it has spilled to downstairs where you can take an unfettered perusal of the new goodies. We have the red letter plates, and a great new set of teddy bear trays. And even some nice paperweights that take clever advantage of the way the crystal dome bends light to give the piece added interest - like the apple and the globe...Of course we have all those old favorites too, trays you might like for your bathroom or to put on your dresser for assorted sundries etc. There is a nice quick article about him from the Times here. The John Derian Company was started in 1989, where in his own words from the aforementioned article he started out with just the thought: "Hey, if I sell a plate a day, that will help pay the rent." Is "undersentiment" a word!!? Bravo, Mr. Derian. Bravo!

from left to right: Diamond Queen Tray, Parrot Paperweight, Unchanging Friendship Tray

Come take a look!


Little Luxuries

 If you like Low Country Luxe, you'll love these little medallion candles which make perfect little gifts when you want to give someone a little luxe from the Low Country. Inspired by the movie "The Help".
Mississippi Magnolia
 A floral heart of the southern Magnolia, sweet Vanilla & Oak wood over soft Gardenia blossoms.

Living in High Cotton 
An uplifting citrus combination of Lemon, Lime & Grapefruit blended with a fragrant bouquet of white florals.
Southern Spanish Moss 
The inviting warmth of amber & woods combined with sweet Apricot nectar & an infusion of Vanilla earthy mosses.
photo credits: Chic Luxuries


Think Pink!

Pink Block Party on Broughton!
Next Thursday, October 20th, 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Come on out next Thursday for a little after-hours shopping! We're staying open late and all our proceeds from the evening are being donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Our new windows!

See you Thursday!


Objects of Specificity

Recycling and repurposing is a big deal -now, always, forever. Using objects in ways other than their intended use can be charming, it looks really cool, and it really just makes sense to have a group of objects you can manipulate for several different purposes to suit changing situations and moods- number of books, number of children in household etc; and modular, modern design is an idea that ikea has built an empire on. But I do have a special affinity for things that are created for one purpose and one purpose only. I mean objects that if you found it alone and weren't familiar with its use, you'd have no idea what the heck it was. Like these:

from top to bottom: Book Brush: a dusting brush for books ( i guess you could use it for something else, but it was really created with books in mind) dusting the tops of books and the pages in between; Tea Strainer: lay over mug, pour hot water over loose tea and then it sits on a little tublike saucer for when you want to put it aside and enjoy your tea. Bread Basket Liner: a particularly shaped cloth to cradle and fold over those warm biscuits. This one in linen.

What did I miss? What specific objects do you love?


Isa the Explorer: The Farmer's Market at Forsyth Park

Guest Blogger Isabelle Brassard will be sharing her adventures from time to time...

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. After a nice coffee in my friend's courtyard in Savannah, I decided to take a walk to Forsyth Park Farmer's Market with my little girl and her scooter.  Every body enjoyed the breezy day, even some drops of rain, but nothing to scare a squirrel.
I was surprised at how friendly the farmers and the customers were. The conversation snow-balled from one person to the next, and while you could not escape it, at the same time you wanted to spend your whole day here, where everybody is so simple and down to earth. I left the market with some beautiful butternut squash, a "botte de radis" (radish) and golden new potatoes.
We did pick up a sandwich,  I will say "the best sandwish" at Brighter Day, just because we didn't want to go back home yet! and enjoyed our afternoon at the playground. We came back home, cleaned the radish for the "apperitif", made a butternut squash soup and a "gratin" for dinner.

 We had a great time, we started out with no expectations and the day turned out beautifully. It is unbelievable how simple things can bring such good feelings & happiness.
A good experience gives you good memories. Enjoy your day, thank Mother Earth for everything she gives to you everyday, and recycle!
Isa the Explorer


A Few of Our Favorite Things

A Few of Our Favorite Things
Vanessa Porter
Meet Vanessa, the newest Barista at The Paris Market. This tatooed gal can give you those shots of espresso AND create a custom-made dress over the weekend. Check out her blog The Velvet Bird, where she talks about her creative meanderings, her latest fashions, photography, and the best iced coffee ever. Perhaps the recipe will be making its way to The Paris Market soon?

1. Deer Jewelry Holder, 2. Earl Grey Kusmi Tea, 3. Honey and the Moon Body Lotion, 4. Vintage Bellowed Camera, 5. Thank You Card, 6. Hanging Garden Notepad, 7. Gnome Pitcher, 8. Knitted Cow Doll, 9. Whale Earrings.

Hmm...I'm noticing a predilection for florals and the sweet and unique fancy stuff.