Jewelry Bar: Inside the Collection

We have a great new jewelry bar in the store!

...Jewelry that celebrates spirit, nature, service and love. Earthy, spirited talismans that celebrate the animus/archetypes of our collective minds and shared civilizations are always a bit more fun than your standard beads on a string. This collection is designed by a family from California - A mother and her two children. who in their own words:  
"We decided to develop a brand based on ideals rooted in unique designs, community service and the love of nature. We seek to create only the highest quality jewelry and clothing – employing American workers and using ethically sourced materials."
With each sale, a portion of their proceeds support a rotating roster of charities - some of which have been The Salvation Army, Action Aid and Doctors without Borders.
What I love about this jewelry is that you can pick out what charms you like and leave what you don't. The necklace strands are wire wrapped pearls that come in a multitude of colors and the charms slide over them easily. The collection has a sort of nouveau hippie feel to it. But of course it's all how you wear it. You could keep it simple and choose just one charm or load up on magic with a cluster of them. They also make nice gifts when you find a piece that symbolizes your friendship with someone special, memorializes an event or when it represents a wish you might have for another. There are some unexpected charms in here too, it's not just the standard heart and crown and key kind of thing. There is a griffin, a sand dollar, a Shiva, a tree of life, a coiled snake, a claw, a butterfly medallion and a Seraphina to name a few. There is really something for everyone, so come take a look before its slim pickings. And all the charms are made from White Bronze, a metal stronger than silver that won't tarnish and which has been used for thousands of years to make both swords and jewelry! How appropos for this line! Hooray!
Wishes for a charmed life as we head into the weekend!

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