The World of John Derian

John Derian is a world unto himself, but right now we have a big piece of that world - just arrived is a fresh batch from the découpage master himself. While they're usually in the case upstairs, we have so much that it has spilled to downstairs where you can take an unfettered perusal of the new goodies. We have the red letter plates, and a great new set of teddy bear trays. And even some nice paperweights that take clever advantage of the way the crystal dome bends light to give the piece added interest - like the apple and the globe...Of course we have all those old favorites too, trays you might like for your bathroom or to put on your dresser for assorted sundries etc. There is a nice quick article about him from the Times here. The John Derian Company was started in 1989, where in his own words from the aforementioned article he started out with just the thought: "Hey, if I sell a plate a day, that will help pay the rent." Is "undersentiment" a word!!? Bravo, Mr. Derian. Bravo!

from left to right: Diamond Queen Tray, Parrot Paperweight, Unchanging Friendship Tray

Come take a look!

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