Isa the Explorer: The Farmer's Market at Forsyth Park

Guest Blogger Isabelle Brassard will be sharing her adventures from time to time...

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. After a nice coffee in my friend's courtyard in Savannah, I decided to take a walk to Forsyth Park Farmer's Market with my little girl and her scooter.  Every body enjoyed the breezy day, even some drops of rain, but nothing to scare a squirrel.
I was surprised at how friendly the farmers and the customers were. The conversation snow-balled from one person to the next, and while you could not escape it, at the same time you wanted to spend your whole day here, where everybody is so simple and down to earth. I left the market with some beautiful butternut squash, a "botte de radis" (radish) and golden new potatoes.
We did pick up a sandwich,  I will say "the best sandwish" at Brighter Day, just because we didn't want to go back home yet! and enjoyed our afternoon at the playground. We came back home, cleaned the radish for the "apperitif", made a butternut squash soup and a "gratin" for dinner.

 We had a great time, we started out with no expectations and the day turned out beautifully. It is unbelievable how simple things can bring such good feelings & happiness.
A good experience gives you good memories. Enjoy your day, thank Mother Earth for everything she gives to you everyday, and recycle!
Isa the Explorer

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