Objects of Specificity

Recycling and repurposing is a big deal -now, always, forever. Using objects in ways other than their intended use can be charming, it looks really cool, and it really just makes sense to have a group of objects you can manipulate for several different purposes to suit changing situations and moods- number of books, number of children in household etc; and modular, modern design is an idea that ikea has built an empire on. But I do have a special affinity for things that are created for one purpose and one purpose only. I mean objects that if you found it alone and weren't familiar with its use, you'd have no idea what the heck it was. Like these:

from top to bottom: Book Brush: a dusting brush for books ( i guess you could use it for something else, but it was really created with books in mind) dusting the tops of books and the pages in between; Tea Strainer: lay over mug, pour hot water over loose tea and then it sits on a little tublike saucer for when you want to put it aside and enjoy your tea. Bread Basket Liner: a particularly shaped cloth to cradle and fold over those warm biscuits. This one in linen.

What did I miss? What specific objects do you love?

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