Moving on Up, Moving on Out

Moving is really a terrible experience. You slowly destroy the old temple, and try to ressurect a new temple in as short of time as possible. If you move on the weekend and have 3 days (like me) you're lucky. But it's still horrible. And in the new space you have all this pressure to create a home that according to Oprah, "should rise to meet you"  A lovely thought, but no small task when hubs is off getting a master's degree at SCAD and the cats are trading fleas like baseball cards. (If I tell them I'm going to kick off their "Revolution" with a shot of Capstar they calmy pad into the kitchen and pour themselves a glass of water.)
So, the move out was a move up, a two bedroom, instead of the one with a pocket kitchen we were grooving in for a year. The new apartment has three closets instead of one, and a living room with a separate dining area. Too good to pass up.
But you know, all these nice things come with problems. A gas leak for one, needs to be resolved. It was so slow that we only periodically caught the whiff of sludge and we thought it was just the notorious paper mill belching out more noxiousness; a soggy and puckering ceiling above the shower that needs to be replaced and the cats itching for another dose of revolution. I picked that up this morning. I really like my job anyway, but I was even more excited to get to work today to pick out some items for the new place. And be in a lovely space that wasn't in danger of blowing up. I thought some nice candles, a letter tray, maybe a dresser, - now that I have room for one- (not joking) and let's be honest, a bunch of little goodies for me was just what the doctor ordered. Especially after all the cleaning....omg. The amount of cleaning you have to do when you move into a new apartment is just obnoxious. It's always filthy as hell. Always, Always, Always. I've decided to avail myself to all the good stuff we have here to help me in my ongoing cleaning fantastica: candles that remove the bad odors and soaps to make it all smell nice; and dusters to reach the nasty fans. These would have made a great pre-housewarming gift to myself! oh well.
 from l-r: Price's HouseKeeper Candle, Ostirch Feather Duster, Caldrea All-Purpose Cleaner 
But WARNING, when in the cleaning trenches its easy to loose your executive functions. You may find yourself growing agitated while discovering new classes of filth- dust bunnies who have created their own villages, scarlet fever germs trying to wedge themselves under your fingernails, perhaps malaria, and any array of bacteriophages you are sure you have just inhaled; you may begin to wonder why the man you married would drag you away from friends and family, to pursue yet another creative degree and what kind of man it is exactly you have married in the first place and so on and so forth. STOP. When cleaning begins to germinate the mens of the mens rhea, that is when you must put the damp cloth down. This is the time to clean yourself up. But wait, did you get a chance to clean the tub yet? No? I didn't think so. That's okay, use your flip flops and some fancy soap and body wash to help erase the reality that you are indeed at this moment a dirty little workhorse. Take a long hot shower and bring back the humanity!
Tocca Stella Body Wash, Savon de Marseille, And Stella Hand Creme 
Now that you've showered, tell hubs to take you some place nice to eat, ideally one with Martini specials. Then, go shopping! Here's some of what I have on my list. No matter what, when you move, you always need more lamps. I also want this chest, totally perfect, and the mint julep cups are just cool. A new candle for when I get rid of all the bad smells, and the wrapping paper on the left I'm using to line the kitchen drawers. They could use a pick me up too.
gray linen chest, Tulip Wrapping Paper, Courtland Apple Family Room Candle, Mint Julep Cups, Eiffel Lamp, John Derian Nest Plate,


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