Send Katherine Sandoz to Miami Art Basel

"I’m on a hunt for some informed magic." -Katherine Sandoz
One of my favorite things to do on rainy days is stay in bed, have coffee, and pour over some good art books. Its Monday, so I had to get my butt to work today, but I did get to pour over the bold and emotionally evocative landscapes of Katherine Sandoz this morning.  And delightfully there are echos of all my favorite painters in her work; the emotional tension of an Andrew Wyeth, the color and composition of Gaugin and O'keefe, and the playful, vibrant ease of Diebenkorn.
It's recently surfaced that she may be appearing at Miami Art Basel this year and that we can help her get there via the Art takes Miami people's choice award! You can vote for her here. Easy Peesy. Earning two MFA's at SCAD and working out of her studio in Vernonburg, GA, she is continually inspired by the people and places of coastal Georgia and Savannah. Until December comes, feast your eyes on these luscious landscapes, and let's Send Katherine Sandoz to Miami!


Incredible Right?? I know! Don't forget to VOTE!

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katherine sandoz said...

PM&B, P & L and all the staff, thanks so much for support....today and always! kds