Bonne Aventure Kelsey et Erik!

Today is a bittersweet day here at The Paris Market as we have to say a big heartfelt goodbye to two of our own. Kelsey & Erik have big dreams that are taking them on a new adventure & while we couldn't be more excited for them, we sure are going to miss them! The store just won't be the same without Erik's sharp wit which always lightens the mood & makes everyone laugh & Kelsey's warm personality & big smile that instantly makes everyone's day brighter. Thankfully, we will always be reminded of them every time we see one of either of their lovely illustrations or stop to enjoy a nice, hot macchiato or latte in our café (Kelsey & Erik's favorite drinks, respectively). While there is so much more we could say, for now we will leave it at this: Bonne aventure, Kelsey & Erik! 

Illustrations by Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Illustrations by Erik Riley

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Anonymous said...

So sad, I loved seeing this guy walk around the store taking photos and seeing the girl blurry from carrying furniture around the store. They will be missed!