A Paris Market Jewelry Party

Tis the season for parties.
And no one likes a party better than the Paris Market family.
If you've shopped our showcases recently you'd be hard pressed to overlook the large collection of vintage Eisenberg Jewelry glittering throughout our store. What you wouldn't see however, is the bins upon bins of this special jewelry in our backstock, just waiting to be cleaned and be given new life. What better way to ready these pieces for anxious customers than to host a jewelry party with the Paris Market crew, some pizza, and lots of sparkles.

What a great reason to get together.
We can't wait for these special jewels to hit our shelves!
Stay tuned for more on the Eisenburg Jewelry Collection and other amazing vintage treasures, only at The Paris Market!

1 comment:

Curtains in My Tree said...

How wonderful, wish I was closer to see this all in person

show more , I love the old jewelry and I just can't tear mine apart to recreate something

hope to make Savannah in 2013