What the Moms are getting this Sunday

We usually like to give some gift suggestions for special holidays, but I thought I'd let our fantastic customers do the talking this time. People have been picking up these items all week, commenting it was for Mom. Well, most. Someone has yet to order the Carousel Letters. But we can special order any letter you want in any quantity so if you want to put your mom's name in lights, go for it! These scarves- absolute hotcakes, also in pink and polka dots; and the Tocca Handcreme (which Parent's magazine just featured as a must-have due to the high incidence of handwashing from being a Mom) is also a nice little gift. And the Cleopatra scent is THE favorite among us Paris Market girls. If you have a mom who likes to catch a 4 o clock nap, a new pillow might be nice.

In the end, you know what your Mom wants. 
Its probably a vacation.
Enjoy your upcoming fete Moms!

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