Interesting Finds: Vintage Bus Ticket Dispenser

I have to be honest, I really kind of love this thing. It's shiny, functional and has a nice proportion. That's my yardstick on most objects and this one really fits the bill. I'm fantasizing about getting this for my husband and I's studio/soon to be nursery. I'd like to put several different kinds of washi tape we have and the other kinds - drafting, masking, double sided etc. There's so many types of tape we use. Check out this post to see a creative expression of tape. And we have to keep it hidden from our cat because he likes to chew and salivate all over it. So the fact that this has a cover is perfect. Eating tape is one of his outlets for his many psychological problems.  Or instead of tape I could make my own little roll of quips and quotes to roll out and tear off when I need a little "what for" That could be fun too.
We have a large and a small in the store right now. (look downstairs) This one is the large. 

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