Book Report: Let's Bring Back

I never thought I was one for nostalgia,
but this book has proved me wrong:

"Let's Bring Back" 
an encyclopedia of forgotten-yet-delightful, chic, useful, curious, and otherwise commendable things from time gone by. 
by Lesley M.M. Blume.

oh I really do recommend this book for a read on the train or a flip-through on vacation. Or for that person who likes to catalogue ideas and revels in observations. Some of the highlights (for me) of the book are:
Let's bring back:

Attention spans:
"So lacking these days-and the prognosis for improvement on this front is grim (ha!) AGREED

The Aesthete:
"Society is often dismissive of people who are concerned with appearances, but those lacking an appreciation of beauty are missing the point of being alive in the first place. It's important to appreciate life's ornamentations instead of just obsessing over its drudgeries..."
I heartily concur

Bathing Caps:
"Those bright plstic flower-covered ones from the 1960's always looked so cheerful;..."
No thank you.

The Barter System:
"Money is too complicated-and scarce-these days."
Disagree. Its never a fair exchange and you can't
pay the power bill is hand-thrown teacups. 

Bed Curtains:
"Velvet ones for winter; sheer white panels for summer"
Yes, please.

Popular in the 19th Century, these metal set, vaguely three-dimensional photographs have a slightly enchanted look about them, as though part of the souls of their long dead subjects are still alive inside them. It's tempting to bring back such means of immortality, however minor." 
Agreed, and we have some in the store actually!

Spoiler Alert **** this book contains the recipe of the Original Girl Scout cookie! Agh!

Powder Puffs:
Big, luxurious, fluffy white or pink ones to dunk into tins of sweet smelling talcum powder. The puff should sit like an exotic pet on your vanity table, waiting patiently in between uses.
Also, agreed

Well those are my highlights, others listed are Speakeasies, Rocking Chairs, Telegrams and the WPA - as in "Works Progress Administration"
"Let's not just invest in crumbling banks; let's invest FDR style, in our nation's strained infrastructure. This sounds like a better investment than handing over tax dollars to pad corporate bonuses. 



Curtains in My Tree said...

That would be a fun read

Thank you so much for my specail mail from the paris market

I have a giveaway of Back In The Day Bakery cookbook on my blog
Amy ,Cheryl & Griffs publicist sent it to me for my blog

I mentioned your store also

ParisMarket&Brocante said...

Oh that's great! we had a lot of fun at the book signing that night. Thank you for the kind mention!