Be our Guest

We're starting to get our plans together for the summer. Kelsey is heading to New York, Isa to France, Christina to her lake house, India to the outer banks and others are staying close to home with their new baby. (me!) Wherever our adventures take us, at some point most of us will be a house guest. And of course we all want to bring our host something nice. But its even nicer if you give a gift that has some kind of regional specificity - whether that's geographical or just something you don't find in other stores not in your town - like The Paris Market!! Anyways, here's a few of our picks:

1. Savannah Candle from Low Country Luxe - A perfect gift from the "Savannah" area. Cannot go wrong with this! You will find all the scents in store and on our website. 2. Big Brother / Big Sister Mouse - something for the little kids in the house. Also cannot go wrong with this. 3. Butterfly Pillow Cover - Bright, cheery, very summery. 4. Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook - Another great gift from a one-of-a-kind Savannah staple 5. White Ramekin Dome - this is just one of those cute little things. 6. Paris Market Signature Candle in Montmartre - inspired by Paula's trips to Paris, 100% soy and totally portable. good smelling too! 7. The "At the Beach" Perfume . from the CB I hate perfume line. Practically packs your beach bag for you. And all hostesses like a little glamour gift now and then. 8. New Jute Beach Bags - for the hostess who has it all and just needs somewhere to put it. 

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