Scent is Life: Our new CB I hate perfume!

As most of you know, we love our classics, like Tocca and Fresh, but we've also developed a growing infatuation with these otherworldly scents from
 CB I hate perfume.

The CB stands for Christopher Brosius. The I hate perfume I'll get to in a second. CB is a self-described life long creative type who likes to make things and is enthusiastic for the organic, the imaginative, and the constructive. He had forays into architecture and fashion, but as it turned out, was best suited for a scentual life. It was when Mr. Brosius drove a cab for a brief period that he discovered that he hated perfume:
"Women would get into my car in the evening wearing some horrible scent that made me sick. 12 hours later in the cold freezing dawn, my eyes would still be watering & my stomach churning!" 
Early on, CB had an interest in the earthier more experiential side of life, which we can now see in his perfumes: 
"I grew up in a tiny town in the country – many of my favorite scents are based on memories of my childhood there: dirt & dandelions, vegetable gardens, walks in the fall woods, snow (which meant school was cancelled), wet rocks from the river and cookies made by my mother and favorite aunt." 
As CB says, "Scent is Life."  So next time your in, be sure to sample these unique and interesting scents that will recall the very essence of your life experiences. They are lightening, brightening, and without a doubt evocative.
 For your olfactory pleasure we bring you: 
* Burning Leaves *
* Russia Caravan Tea *
* Mr. Hurlot's Holiday *
* At the Beach *
* Revelation *

Ahh, this is my fave, At the Beach makes me want to head out to Tybee right now. Although Russian Tea Caravan and Revelation are close seconds.

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