Postcards from Paris: {p l a n c h e - à - r o u l e t t e s}

Scarves are still on, but skateboards are out.
I feel nostalgic for my Californian upbringing each time I see a set of skateboarders gliding through town. Every Sunday afternoon, usually on the Left Bank, one can catch a large group of roller skaters touring through Paris. The last time I caught these rollers I noticed right behind them was a set of cool mecs riding along on their four wheeled boards. Just then a California heat wave kicked in. I know I’m not the only American to feel a certain amount of ownership to this pastime activity, even if during those days I was just a spectator with a set of D3 Osiris shoes looking for a new crush. That time has passed, and has been reinterpretated for me in French. Only in Paris can skateboarding take on an elegant and feminine appearance. The windows at Les Galeries Lafayette are glammed up with Lacoste skateboards, Balenciaga stilettos, and Prada sunglasses to encourage Spring to hurry along.
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Ro-55 said...

Until I re read your opening sentence I was a bit shocked and hurt. I thought it read "Scarves are in, but skateboards are out." Ahh! Noo! The time may come, but please, not yet. Any way, even if they went 'out', it would only make the scene stronger. I think skaters are often outsiders, at least in europe. Non 'team players' looking for a physical expression with depth, nuance and individualism, something more like dance than marching.