A Crafter's Guide: Fabric Flowers

 We have dubbed February the month of florals. 
The Paris Market will be offering up a beautiful array of fresh flowers for Valentines Day. Whether a bouquet or single stem, a selection of pretty petals will be available February 12th for purchase.

To start the month out in favor of the flower, how-to guru Jessie, has created a fabric flower DIY for all you crafty spirits. Don that creative cap, grab those scissors, and make you loved one something special this holiday!

Supplies Needed:

Card stock
Poly-Blend Fabric
Fabric Pen
Needle and Thread
Faux Pearls, Buttons, or Beads
Votive and Matches

1. Cut a Series of 5 circles out of card stock in different sizes.
Circle 1 - 1"
Circle 2 - 1 1/2"
Circle 3 - 2 3/4"
Circle 4 - 3.5"
Circle 5 - 4"

2. Trace circles onto fabric and cut out.

3. Cut five slits in each circle, leave at least 3/4" in the center.

4. Hold each edge over a lit votive and let the fabric slightly curl. Be careful not to hold your pieces too close to the flame as you just want the heat to lightly affect the fabric.

5. Stack each piece largest to smallest (largest on the bottom) and make a few stitches through the center to secure.

6. Decorate the center of your flower by stitching in a few pearls. Want a more crafty look? Try buttons or brooches to make your petals really stand out! 

La fin.

Use these unwilting creations to decorate a gift, add into a floral arrangement or sweeten up your style!

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