Behind the Scenes: Floral Arranging for Valentines Day!

Our Fresh Flowers have Arrived! 
Our Studio has been overrun with the aromas of Ranunculus, Larkspur, Lisianthus, and a variety of Roses. The Paris Market Display Gals (amidst a series of oohing and awwing) have been busy arranging bouquets to sell to the local romantics for Valentines Day. Choose from a variety of small, medium, and large bouquets, as well as, single stem roses. 

Skip the traditional grocery store florals and buy something special for your sweetheart this season!
Fresh Flowers for sale at The Paris Market Feb 12th - Feb 17th!

Flower Arranging Tips & Tricks from our Display Team.

 Use a variety of sizes and shapes in your arrangement. Playing textures against one another will keep it interesting.

When choosing flowers for your bouquet we like to incorporate three basic categories. 1. Large Flowers that can stand alone 2. Medium Flowers to mix in 3. Sprigs of filler to add backdrop

If stumped on where to start when creating an arrangement begin with what you love. If something inspires you use that as your starting point and then build your palette around that.

Adding Dried Flowers into your mix can be both interesting and unexpected. Don't be afraid to venture into new territory when creating your own bouquet.

Play with texture by adding airy sprigs to a dense mound of flowers.

Don't forget your sense of smell. When considering flower choices for your bouquet, don't just take texture and color into account. Add some potent petals into the mix for an aromatic and unforgettable arrangement

Create a study in color with different flowers in shades of the same hue. 

Use an unexpected container to display your arrangement. Try vintage medicine bottles, antique trophies, and even hollowed out branches for a unique twist!

Let long stems arch out of a trumpet vase for an ethereal arrangement. Allow your flowers do what they do best, containing them too tightly can be visually drab, let them be a little wild and they might surprise you.

To support the stems in the low container, a frog is essential. Bits of floral adhesive on the bottom of the frog keep it from shifting and scratching the pottery.


Curtains in My Tree said...

I am sure you will sell out of those sweet Georgia flowers

amit said...

Quite stunning and rare arrangement of Exotic flowers.

Online florist said...

So Beautiful flowers and bouquets at this market!!!