Currently Inspired: Tintypes

Inspiration can always be found within our walls. Whether it's a table setting, a product, or a display, ideas can be found around every corner, within every crevice, and behind every showcase at The Paris Market! This week we are creatively coveting our new collection of old tintype portraits. The unique and unforgettable faces on each piece of tin hold a story of their own, and we can't get enough of their diverse personalities.  

Click here to see the history of this unique photo process and be sure to see our collection of vintage photography currently available in the downstairs section of The Paris Market! 
Who knows, you might find a long lost relative just waiting to be discovered.

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PJ said...

Love these! I bought a few vintage photos on my last visit and they are so charming. So glad I found your blog, (I'm in PA) you guys keep me inspired!