Postcards from Paris: {Tombées du Camion}

With friends back home busily moving either cross country, to another state, a different city in the same state, or simply a bigger apartment a few blocks away they are ‘moving their trinkets’ as one friend put it. Each time I’ve changed apartments here, it was never really the bulky pieces that were overwhelming, rather my collection of trinkets;  but they are each so special, and could never be abandoned. Each of them have a story and a particular setting all their own.
Yesterday while the spring façade of the sun was out, I walked through Montmartre during my lunch break. The trinkiest of trinket shops in Paris has to be the little shop on the end of rue Joseph de Maistre called, Tombées du Camion. I may have mentioned this little shop before, if not I had intended to. Tombées du camion: falling from a truck, has knick-knacks, doo-diddies, thingys, whatchamacallits, and trinkets with no real use but plenty of personality. Doll heads, marble dice, toy harmonicas, miniature water guns, old pharmacy pill boxes, and the list of randoms continue. 

Charming objects that are easily regarded as clutter, but are combined with each other to create whimsical mosaics and displays on the walls. I couldn’t help myself, and I bought a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to define the day. I returned to work to show and tell, and was questioned as to what I could possibly do with ‘un truc comme ça’, but I had a story for it and once I returned home I gave it a setting all it’s own.

Check out their website for more examples of their curious displays:
"Lots old and forgotten, many jewels, beads and fashion accessories, exclusive stocks of abandoned factories, industrial series, abundant funds haberdashery, toys manufactured in the last century, laboratory equipment, small objects of worship in abundance, stocks manufacturers and wholesalers, signs of old memories, treasures handcrafted quantity accumulations of all kinds, gadgets historical and traditional archeology of childhood ..."


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Cindy at LottieBird said...

Knowing you, the trinket will have a perfect place in your home.