Currently Inspired: Etched Glassware

There's nothing like enjoying your favorite beverage out of a fancy glass. Even though the drink itself is unchanged, drinking from a glass that makes you feel elegant somehow makes the beverage taste just a little bit better. Lately we've been really loving our etched glassware. Engraved with numerous designs, from simple to more complex, our collection of glasses are perfect for dressing up your favorite cocktail. Dignified, yet unpretentious, these delicately etched glasses are great for dinner parties and refreshing summer beverages. Next time you're in the mood to feel fancy or just want to make your drink look nicer, try dressing it up in one of our beautifully etched glasses!


Matt Oxford said...

Crystal glassware is the type that you can never go wrong with. Crystal glassware also makes a wonderful, easy, elegant and polished decoration for your home.

Personalized Glassware said...

I love etched glassware because aside from they are good decoration, etched or personalized glassware are also good favors and gifts that can create wonderful memory for you and for you friends.