The 100 Year Old Savannah Crate

It's no surprise that we love reclaimed wood. The ability to create new life out of something that had once been discarded is as satisfying as it is beautiful. On a recent find, our woodworker, Collin, discovered numerous scraps of oak and cedar that are at the very least 100 years old. Debating what to create out of these beautifully aged cuts of wood, it occurred to us the need for simple crates to house some of our smaller scale products. With all the pieces lined up, the production began, and Collin has been busy since, crafting each crate with care and precision. Soon to be available at The Paris Market, these hand crafted crates of reclaimed oak and cedar are an excellent solution for lightweight storage throughout the household. Limited by resources, our newly fashioned oak and cedar crates remain in small quantities, however, each crate is a piece of Savannah's history, crafted with the hands of someone who appreciates it.

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