The Game of Chess

When it comes to games, there's nothing more classic than chess. With strategy, logic, and chaos all on the board, you have to make every move count. On its surface chess appears to be a fairly simple game, however, in reality it is one of the most intellectually stimulating and challenging games one can play. We've always been fans of chess, however our fondness has only been amplified with obtaining our newest set. Created with a minimalist design, our new chess set brings a modern touch to this historic game. Carefully carved out of exotic woods, this one of a kind set was made using reclaimed pieces of wood from the off-cuts of various pieces of furniture. The clean design and miniature-sized board offer engaging and intimate rounds of strategic warfare. Its portable size and lightweight design make for the perfect set to bring to your favorite coffee shop or bench in the park. Designed by one of our very own, Collin Garrity's chess set sheds new light on the game for us, enticing us to challenge one another in a modern round of strategy and logic.

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