Postcards from Paris: { bonbons dans le jardin }

The last week for school has arrived, meaning that summer vacation is almost here; with it comes an anxiety in the air, and the heat of the anticipated summer only amplifies it. To try and fast-forward through the two weeks remaining until my vacation I spend my afternoons walking. I left my apartment with a curious craving for sweets and no idea where to spend my afternoon.
Each year at the end of June, Le Jardin des Tuileries offers up a sliver of its north side and prepares for the summer by transforming itself into fairgrounds for all. I noticed the Ferris wheel residing adjacent to the Louvre’s glass pyramid as I was coming from the direction of Place de la Concorde. The morning had started off warm, and by the time my shoes had a thin layer of white dust from the pathway I had shed of my blazer and cuffed my sleeves. Still comfortable enough, the warm weather welcomed everyone especially in contrast to June. The entire month gave itself to rain, but the green affect was soothing and gave a pleasant contrast to the dusty paths and white stone sculptures. The Dubuffet statue stood on a healthy carpet of lush green and pétanque players shaded themselves under perfectly lined green-leafed umbrellas.
That curious craving for sweets was more resounding than ever, and went straight to my knees the moment I smelled the carnival scents of freshly spun barbe à papa, crepes sucré, and gaufres topped with Berthillon’s ice cream. With all these elements of summer, it finally seems like the season is here, and here to stay.