Currently Inspired: Vintage Beer Steins

Collected from every imaginable corner of Germany, our bar is now fully stocked with these beautiful authentic beer steins! Adorned in a variety of historical motifs, these decorative mugs are gorgeous, humorous, ornate, kitsch, and classic all at the same time. Perfect for any collector or beer drinker, our steins are available in several shapes and sizes. If you're like us and curious as to what the word stein means, it is derived from the German word for stone, as many beer steins were traditionally made out of stoneware. It is said the pewter lids adorning the tops of the mugs came in to use around the time of the Black Plague in an effort to prevent diseased insects from falling into the steins. It's near impossible to pick out a favorite or even several favorites, so we'll just highlight a few mugs that we find interesting.


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