Postcards from Paris: {Listening to Swiss-German}

It is unfortunate that I don't speak any German, because I couldn't pick up on the differences between all of the regional accents. I was with someone who could speak German in a southern accent. One thing I've learned throughout my life is that a southern accent is likely to charm someone along the way, and we managed to order a bratwurst and split a bottle of expensive Swiss sparkling water.
After our festive Christmas and New Year's in Kandern, Germany we took the bus across the border to spend an afternoon in Basel, Switzerland; exchanging our euro bills to Swiss Francs, imagining Europe before the euro coin was introduced, and having something divide us from Germany other than an accent.
Basel is a beautiful city with worn-tiled roofs, cobblestones, tramways, and many secular characteristics emphasizing a mood of old Europe. Though our afternoon passed along quickly (one can't convince the sun to stay up longer during these short winter days), we did manage to have some defining moments amongst the dusk-lighting, and it intrigued me enough to hope for another visit in the future.

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