Postcards from Paris: {snow day, aller au cinéma!}

We had a terrifically snowy weekend in Paris. This city is already an alluring one, and when there is a white layer of snow over everything it becomes even more elegant. I walked endlessly in it, making my footprints on the silent, untouched surfaces of snow. Surprisingly everyone else was out in it as well. Families and friends were gathered in parks for snowball fights, few attempted to build a bonhomme du niege, and many had cameras in hand to capture to city in its winter disguise.
At the end of my long walk, through several arrondissements, my fingers were frozen and my legs were tired. I was less than 15 minutes from home, but I needed a pause somewhere warm and cozy. In between Les Champs Elysées and chez moi, there is the Mac Mahon Cinema.
It opened in 1938, and was a venue conveniently off of the famous Champs Elysées where the silent films of the time were shown.  After the liberation of Paris, the Mac Mahon Cinema became well known for showing all of the American films missed during the years of WWII, and has continued to highlight American films ever since. There are still old Hollywood movie posters hanging on the walls; Casablanca, epitomizing Bogie as the cool American, then there is the iconic image of Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor all in bright yellow raincoats with the title Chantons sous la Pluie above them.
As the streets were only getting busier with snow enthusiasts, I slipped into the theatre. Warm, cozy, and completely empty I had the silver screen to myself. Defrosting in front of a classic American film, was the most comforting pause I could take before venturing out again in the snow.


David Boisserie said...

Thank you Reba !!! I love going to the cinema alone :) I need to go to this one !!!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Sounds so wonderful