Candle of the Week: Price's Housekeeper

Summers in the south can get pretty hot and humid. At times, the heat can become so intense that survival without an air conditioner is almost unthinkable. Though opening your windows for a cool breeze sounds like a good idea, the reality is much different. And not surprisingly, homes can get pretty stuffy from being closed up all season long, which is exactly when we know it's time to pull out the big guns. Price's Housekeeper candle is one of our absolute favorite scents. With extracts of beeswax, mandarin and lemon you can't go wrong. Just as the name suggests, the fragrance transforms your home into smelling like a Housekeeper has just added their finishing touches to every nook in sight. And as the summer continues to warm up, it's clear that Price's Housekeeper candle is without a doubt, a must have. Stop by today before it gets too hot and keep your house smelling fresh all summer long with Price's candles!

Available at The Paris Market.

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