Weekend Inspiration: Boulangerie Essentials

The weekend is almost upon us and we're ready for some much needed R and R. Over the past few months we've been working hard to refine our cafe's menu in an effort to make the best of a Parisian boulangerie available in our cafe. As we've begun carrying a delicious array of pastries and savories from our two favorite local bakeries, Back in the Day Bakery and Baker's Pride, we couldn't help but feel inspired by the tradition of a boulangerie. So, we thought this weekend was as good as any to try out a few recipes in our own home! To help us get started we've set aside a few boulangerie essentials and hopefully (with a little trial and error) we'll have a few successes to write about! If not, then at least we can enjoy the baker's process and a tradition that we can't imagine life without. Have a great weekend and bon appetit!

Baking essentials available at The Paris Market.

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