Postcards from Paris: { rester à la campagne }

In August Paris is calm. Most everyone is finishing up their vacances and easing slowly back into the demands of city-living. After all the travelling and events of my vacation I felt like I needed a vacation from the vacation. So I decided to leave Paris once again and spend a week in the countryside. My fiancé’s parents were taking their vacances and invited me to guard their home and water their garden. It was such a relaxing offer that I couldn’t think of any excuse to decline. France outside of Paris is just as charming, if not more so. Each morning I’d wake up and get the house in working order, opening all of the volets to let the morning sun flow in, preparing le chocolat chaud and brioche for le petit dejeuner, and then watering the garden in hopes of discovering new developing strawberries or tomatoes or cucumbers or zucchinis.
A new set of daily tasks and an atmosphere new and undiscovered constitutes itself as vacation for me. As American children are back in school, the French are on their last-go before
la rentrée.
So Bonne Rentrée and Bon Vacances!

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