Postcards from Paris: { The Château de Chantilly, part II: the cream }

The taste is something that really I’ve never tasted before. Often while dining in fancy restaurants in the U.S. whipped cream is often referred to as, ‘chantilly’. However, la crème de chantilly est vraiment unique à Chantilly. Even though there was anticipation amongst us to taste it for the first time, we wanted to enjoy the castle thoroughly without the tour being jeopardized by our curious cravings.
Being at this particular chateau for the first time I began noting the differences between this one and the others I’ve walked-through. It was evident that hunting was a proud sport to the residents. With trophies of taxidermy winnings hanging alongside beautifully painted masterpieces, one would assume that it was considered more of an art form. The grand hallway where these masterpieces hang against a red wall is overwhelming, and often feels like ‘too much’. We understood the value of minimalism, but a castle would fall short if it didn’t succeed in overwhelming the visitors with ornate details. The rain then passed, and our cravings reminded us of the cream yet to be tasted.
A short and pleasant walk along the stream, passing ducks and swans, we came to a village-like atmosphere. People were under a white tent, seated on white chairs indulging in la crème de Chantilly. The tent space was limited, so we took our places under the sun and ate strawberries with crème.
Oh, c’était trop bon!

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